MillerGrinder Pro-75SS

The ultimate high-flow skid steer grinder

This hydraulic-driven attachment stump grinder is engineered for skid steers with high flow hydraulics (30-45 GPM). It is well suited to machines with 50 to 95 hydraulic HP.

The MillerGrinder Pro-75SS is designed to meet the needs of stump grinding contractors, tree service operations, lot clearing, moderate land clearing, farm use, parks and municipalities.


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MillerGrinder Pro-75SS specifications
Skid steer lifting capacity 2,400 lbs.
Hydraulic HP 55-105 HYD. HP
Hydraulic flow 29-45 GPM
Product data
Cutting wheel diameter 26”
Cutting wheel thickness 1.25”
Number of teeth 32
Weight 1,640 lbs.


Features Benefits
High torque, high-speed radial piston motor is capable of up to 45 GPM and 4,000 PSI. Super high efficiency cutting performance.
Patented 6-way (X-Y-Z) hydraulic positioning of the cutting blade:
up/down, tele in/tele out, swing left/swing right.
Allows operator to plant the grinder down firmly on its backfill blade, position it in all six directions and grind an average 36”stump without having to reposition the machine, greatly increasing productivity and reducing lawn damage.
Very heavy 1,604 lbs. unit weights with oversize components throughout. Heavy weight increases stability during cutting.
True professional-grade quality with at least twice the durability of typical attachment-type grinders.
26” diameter wheel supported by tapered roller bearings in a sealed oil bath Very low maintenance, enabling very smooth, relatively quiet operation
Perfectly weighted 1.25” Blanchard ground wheel thickness with .01” parallelism and flatness tolerances Eliminates bounce and runs true for a very smooth cutting action without vibration.
Oversize HD cast iron gear box with tapered roller bearings running in a sealed oil bath. Smooth operation and quiet running with excellent service life.
Integral backfill blade. Allows you to clean and level the site without changing attachments. Effectively contains chips for easy clean up.
Swing and lift functions pivot on hardened and bushed 2.00” diameter pins with composite bushings. 60% greater wear surface (compared to typical 1.25”) pins, enabling exceptionally long maintenance freeservice life.
High durability carbide teeth made in the USA. Requires replacing less often, reducing maintenance costs.
Oversize components are engineered for optimal oil flow ‎to keep oil temperatures low. Eliminates the need for an oil cooler and greatly increases the life of all hydraulic components.