The ultimate stump grinder for low- and high-flow skid steers with 16-45 GPM

Finally, an attachment-style stump grinder that delivers the productivity of dedicated machines but costs four to five times less. The UltraGrinder is the only stump grinder in the industry with a cushioned parallelogram mechanism for drivetrain protection and dual-direction cutting. It also features a radial piston motor for maximum productivity and proven Greenteeth® technology. The attachment delivers high-efficiency grinding on mini skid steers, mini excavators and both high- and low-flow skid steers, and it’s ideal for tree companies, landscapers, agricultural producers and rental companies.

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Features Benefits
Radial Piston Motor The motor converts hydraulic pressure into torque with 92-95 percent efficiency compared to around 60 percent for other motors.
Plug-N-Grind Simplicity If you can run a skid steer you can grind with an UltraGrinder. There are no auxiliary controls or harnesses or electrical systems; simply plug in three hoses and grind away.
Dual Direction Cutting With teeth on both sides of the cutting wheel, you can grind both forward and backward and dramatically increase your efficiency.
Cushioned Parallelogram Mechanism A patent-pending cushioned parallelogram mechanism provides 6.2 inches of cushion front to back. This alleviates pressure on the cutting wheel, protects the drivetrain and extends product lifecycle.
Constant Teeth-To-Stump Relationship The parallelogram design keeps the UltraGrinder’s wheel perpendicular to the ground and its teeth at a consistent 90-degree cutting angle.
High RPM Wheel The UltraGrinder wheel spins at 1,000 rpms so you can cut through a stump faster. It also provides smooth operation by minimizing the potential for wheel grabbing or sudden stops.